Assessment 2012

Posted by TonyHawkins | General Knowledge,Real Estate | Sunday 24 June 2012 4:12 pm

The topic of assessment has come into conversation with two of my clients.

When the municipality (county, city) renders an assessment of real property, the purpose is to calculate how much tax is levied upon the real estate for the benefit of the public good.  The benefit may be new curbs, a new sewer system, sidewalks, etc.  When the municipality renders an assessment inconsistent with best practices, you as the Owner of the property have not only the right, but dare I say an obligation, to pinpoint the inaccuracy and have it corrected.

Contact me for further information or statistical data to support your opposition.


Assessment: an official valuation of real property for tax purposes performed by the local municipality.

Appraisal: an opinion of value used to determine a property’s worth.  This estimate of value is usually good for 24 hrs. contingent on various issues.

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