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Posted by TonyHawkins | Buyers,Real Estate | Monday 9 August 2010 5:55 pm

Having had the pleasure of working with a number of mature citizens, it has been inspiring to observe how generations differ in approaches to real estate buying and selling. Psychologists theorize that we are products of our environment. Those who have lived through ‘war’ manage fiscal obligations quite differently than those who have not. Since the HAWK’S CRY reaches a diverse audience, I would like to give reverence to those who have traveled a ‘war economy’ route previously. I have summarized their wisdom.

  • Save consistently.
  • Add 20% to the housing budget.
  • Clear credit report errors.
  • Maintain one credit card, while refinancing and paying off others.
  • Budget carefully and adhere to the plan.

There is only one issue that I differ with my elders; pay the agreed upon mortgage debt payment. Paying off a mortgage early in current economic conditions is less advantageous than ‘paying as agreed’. The financial system has changed, contemporary practice yields contemporary strategy.

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