Power of Attorney

Posted by TonyHawkins | Real Estate | Thursday 27 May 2010 4:36 pm

Just as back when I was on active duty; all military personnel are required to complete a Power of Attorney. This instrument permits a person(s), identified as the principal(s) to appoint another as their agent. The agent is allowed to execute specific or certain kinds of acts on behalf of and for the benefit of the principal(s). All of us should grant Power of Attorney to an honorable person to act as our agent. Spouses should consider appointing each other. Parents should appoint their (adult) children, and friends should identify that principled individual to represent their interest. This instrument will make legal and business matter tasks less complicated to accomplish. Please consider executing this instrument as soon as possible, and use a reputable attorney. Negotiate the fee, but use an attorney. If you need a referral to a good attorney, email me or call at 919-951-1807.
POA may sometimes be needed when selling or buying property.  If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell, please contact The JAHLAH Group.

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